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Price and volume query

I refer to the questions set out in your letter of 12 August 2009 regarding the change in price of the ordinary shares of Emeco Holdings Ltd (Company), and an increase in the volume of shares traded, between 10 August 2009 and 12 August 2009. The Company's response to each of ASX's questions is as follows:

Questions 1 & 2
The Company has received an unsolicited, indicative non-binding proposal to acquire 100 percent of the Company from a financial investment firm. The proposal is preliminary and incomplete and shareholders are advised that this approach may or may not lead to a formal proposal being put to Emeco. As yet there has been no engagement with the investment firm and the Board notes the Company remains in blackout pending the publication of its annual report on 26 August 2009.

The Emeco Board will consider any offer or proposal it receives having regard to all alternatives available to the Company. The Company will keep the market informed of any material developments and has retained UBS AG, Australia Branch and Baker & McKenzie to assist it in relation to this matter.

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