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Response to ASX Price Query

I refer to the questions set out in your letter of 12 August 2009 regarding the change in price of the ordinary shares of Emeco Holdings Ltd (Company) between 10 August 2009 and 12 August 2009.

At approximately 12.45pm today I verbally requested on behalf of the Company a trading halt in respect of the Company's ordinary shares (ASX:EHL). This letter confirms that request. In accordance with listing rule 17.1, and on behalf of the Company, I note:

1. The trading halt is necessary because the Company is not able to respond immediately to the ASX's questions.
2. The Company requests that the trading halt remains in place until the commencement of trading on Friday 14 August 2009, unless before that time, the Company makes an announcement in response to the ASX's questions or requests that the trading halt be lifted.
3. The Company is not aware of any reason why the trading halt should not be granted.

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